Friday, March 1, 2013


Sick, so it's a rest day.

Breakfast: joghurt with granola

Morning snack: slice of whole grain bread with cream cheese

Lunch: Lentils with carpers, walnuts, walnut oil and mint, recipe HERE

Thursday, February 28, 2013

work in progress ..

So about 7 weeks into the training and disciplined clean eating, here are two current pics:

Still a long way to go but I am beginning to feel stronger. There is no stopping me now :)

And here's my journal entry:

Workout: Turbo Kick

Breakfast: banana

After workout snack: protein shake

Lunch: whole wheat pasta with pesto verde

Dinner: Chinese takeout, veggies with rice


Breakfast: skipped :/

Morning snack: granola bar with dried apricots and almonds

Lunch: Dinner roll with cheese

Afternoon snack: joghurt

Dinner: Feldsalat with cashews and walnuts, bread, cheese


Turbo time!

I love this workout so much!

Breakfast: joghurt, fresh fruit

After workout snack: Protein shake

Lunch: pita bread stuffed with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and chickpeas.

Afternoon snack: hummus, whole wheat crackers

Dinner: green salad with mixed nuts, bread

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Gym time! We did arms and chest and some abs.

Breakfast: banana

After workout snack: protein shake

Lunch: Braised coconut spinach and chickpeas with lemon over Quinoa. Loved it! Recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: hummus and pita bread

Dinner: mixed green salad, left over lunch


Breakfast: joghurt wirh granola

Snack: banana

Lunch: Roasted garlic pasta salad, recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: whole grain bread roll with mozzarella cheese and tomato

Dinner: left over pasta salad

Monday, February 25, 2013


Breakfast: granola with fresh fruit

Lunch: 3 slices of whole grain bread with veggie spread.

Afternoon snack : Blue corn tortillas, mild salsa

Dinner: Baked Avocado salsa. Recipe HERE.

Friday, February 22, 2013


I dragged my sore self to the Gym this morning and we did mainly legs. Man, that Turbo Kick class turbo kicked my butt ;) No pain - no gain though, so I will try not to complain too much!

Breakfast: joghurt

After workout snack: protein shake

Lunch: Coconut Curry Chili, so s good! Get the recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: Dinkel cookies

Dinner: left over Chili, bread

02/21/2013 ... Turbo Kick, baby!

Workout: Turbo Kick class. My first time and I absolutely loved it!!
For the ones who wonder what Turbo Kick is ... it is a combo of  kickboxing and dance choreography. 
Check out THIS video to get an idea of what it looks like.

This will be my Tuesday and Thursday workout from now on.

Breakfast: banana

After workout snack: protein shake 

Lunch: whole wheat tortellini (filled with veggies) with homemade tomato sauce

Dinner: 3 slices of bread with cheese, olives


Breakfast: 1 slice whole grain bread with cream cheese

Lunch: roasted veggies and goat cheese pasta salad, recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: whole wheat cracker with hummus

Dinner: left over pasta salad, 2 slices whole grain bread


Breakfast: granola bar, banana

Lunch: cucumber, avocado, tomato salad, get the recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: homemade guacamole with organic blue corn tortillas

Dinner: 3 slices whole grain bread with cheese, fresh fruit

Monday, February 18, 2013


Ok .. I've been slacking n my food journal entries ... life just gets so busy sometimes! I need to make it a habit to come here and list my daily food intake every evening!!

Great workout at the Gym this am. We did mainly arms and some abs today.

Breakfast: joghurt with granola

after workout snack: YUMMI vanilla berry protein shake

Lunch: : whole grain pasta with tomato sauce, herb salad with oil and vinegar

inner: 3 slices whole grain bread with vegetarian bred spread

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's Monday and that means it would normally be GYM day but N is out of school for Fasching, so we rescheduled for Wednesday instead.

Breakfast: skipped :/

Lunch: zucchini, tomato and fresh herb fettuccine, Recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: homemade Guacamole with organic Nachos

Dinner: 3 slices of bread with herb/veggie spread


Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: 1 banana

Lunch: potatoes, cucumber salad, 1 egg

Afternoon snack: mixed nuts

Dinner: pita bread with hummus


Here's my food journal entry for today:

Breakfast: Joghurt with granola

Lunch: Chicoree salad with 2 eggs

Dinner: 3 slices of bread with cheese, creme cheese stuffed bell peppers

Evening snack: whole wheat cracker

Friday, February 8, 2013


Gym time again today, yay!

We did chest, shoulders and arms today. I got to meet my triceps which have been reminding me of their existence ever since, lol ;) Gotta love that after workout soreness!

Here's what I ate:

breakfast: 1 joghurt

After workout snack: 1 fruit bar

Lunch: 2 slices of whole grain bread with cheese, olives

afternoon snack: 1 pretzel

Dinner: broccoli cheese soup and garden salad @ Chili's. YUM! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am so excited ... I have been so disciplined with my food choices and exercise lately and I am starting to feel and see the results already! I have more energy (even though I'm sick), feel less tired and am starting to look more toned! Yay!  Don't let this pic fool you though - My ABS might start to look more toned (I guess that's because of the diet change?), they are still weak as hell though! Time to start the Delicious ABS class tonight to work on that :)

Motivational quote of the day:

And here's what I had to eat today:

Breakfast: joghurt and granola

Snack: 1 apple

Lunch: Pasta Lentil Bolognese, get the recipe HERE

Afternoon (pre workout) snack: 1 banana

Dinner: left over Lunch

The "delicious ABS" class absolutely rocked and will be part of my work out routine from now on :)


Still recovering from the sickies, so walking the dogs and chasing my kids around at the school's Faschings Party was all the workout I did today.

Breakfast: skipped (I know, I know!! I will be better tomorrow, promise!)

Snack: granola bar with dried cherries

Lunch: Avocado -Egg salad wraps, recipe HERE

snack: 1 piece of cake at the school party

Dinner: left over Avocado Egg salad, olives


I caught a bit of my son's cold, so no work out for me today but a nice walk with the dogs instead.

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast:: 1 slice of whole grain bread with honey

Lunch: I made this Portobello Kale dish ... I used Quinoa instead of rice though. Recipe HERE

For the guys, I made cocnut crusted chicken breast with mango salsa. HERE is the recipe.

Snack: joghurt and fresh fruit

Dinner: one jar of creme cheese filled red peppers and olives, 2 slices of whole grain bread.

Monday, February 4, 2013


My little guy is sick so I had to cancel today's training session :( I was not lazy though, I have been starting to get myself ready for the "Delicious ABS" class that I'm planning on joining on Thursday evenings. There are some videos about this class and so I whipped out that Yoga mat and turned my living room into a Gym this morning ;)

And here's what I ate so far:

Breakfast: Joghurt and cranola

After workout snack: 2 bananas

Lunch: I made THIS awesome Greek salad for my two little guys and myself ... we all thought it was absolutely delish. I love how my littlest dude murmured, while eating: "Das Essen ist gesund,Mama!" ("The food is healthy, Mama!")  Those words out of my not even three year old's mouth make me one proud Mommy ;)

Afternoon snack: fresh fruit

Dinner: left over Greek salad and whole wheat pita

Sunday, February 3, 2013

That jogging thing ...

... is like many other things in life much more fun when you are not doing it by yourself. So I am glad to have the perfect running partner at home. Her name is "Hazel" and she is a 6 year old Italian Greyhound. Today, we started off slow (we used to jog together in the past but that was years ago ..) using THIS program. We both enjoyed it very much. We are lucky to live right by the Barbarossa cycle way which is just perfect for running.

All ready to go:

I am absolutely loving my new Found my animal leashes! This leash comes in so handy for jogging. You can clip it around your waist for hands free running just like those jogging leashes. And it's so stylish, too :)

This is SO Hazel :)

After our little jogging session I took my older dog, Maya, for a nice walk around town. Her knees are bad so jogging with her is not an option. It was a nice way for me to cool down and for her to get some moderate exercise without feeling left out.

And here's my daily food journal entry:

Breakfast: skipped

After running snack: granola bar with mixed nuts and dried apricots

Lunch: Zucchini, tomato and fresh herb fettucchine. Find the recipe HERE

For the guys I added some sliced hot dogs (organic, of course ;))

Dinner: fresh fruit, 3 slices of whole grain bread with cream cheese


Breakfast: Plain joghurt (sweetened with Agave juice) with granola.

Lunch: 1 apple, 1/2 jar olives (I think I'm addicted ...) and 2 slices of whole grain bread with cheese.

Afternon snack: Birthday cake and Muffins. Bad girl ;)!

Dinner: French Fries with curry ketchup. Yes, yes - I know ... but I am doing this to keep track so I won't sugar coat anything ;)

Evening snack: whole grain crackers

Friday, February 1, 2013


Here's my daily journal entry:

No training today so I took a nice walk with the dogs instead.

Breakfast: fresh fruit and pastries (yum, thanks Molly :))

Lunch:  Apple and Celery Salad, you can find the recipe HERE
For the guys I made Gnocchi with sausage and spinach, look up the recipe HERE

Afternoon snack: mandarin oranges, 1 banana

Dinner: one jar of mixed olives, 2 slices of bread with cheese

I also drank lots of Almond Milk during the day. Yum!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The naked facts ...

Alright. What would a fitness journal be without before/later pics?
Since I broke my good camera, the crappy cell phone pics will have to do for now. But you get the point.
This is my tummy about 2 weeks into the training.
Even though I got rid of most the "post baby fat", it's one of the weakest parts of my body and needs a lot of work. Those sit ups are killing me every time, but "no pain, no gain" I guess ;)
As you can tell, my goal is not to lose weight. Instead, I need to become stronger. I feel weak and get tired quickly. I have no energy. That needs to change! Since I used to eat a diet with poor nutritional value (yes, the Mommy stress can do that to you and being a Vegetarian didn't really help... ) and forgot to make sure to take care of myself at times, I was always more or less "skinny" but not physically strong. Now it's time to wake up my muscles (or what's left of them ;)) and put them to work!

Food choices and trying to please everybody ...

Ok ... so I figured since I have this Blog I might just use it as a food journal as well. This is a nice way to keep track of my food intake and to share clean recipes with you :)
Since my guys eat meat, I will also occasionally post clean recipes that contain meat.

Here's what I had so far for today:

Breakfast: coffee, fruit joghurt with granola

After workout snack: granola bar with nuts and dry apricots

Lunch: "Mega Berry Antioxidant Spinach Salad" ... this was DELICIOUS, you can find the recipe HERE

For the guys I made Balsamic Vinegar chicken with fresh tomatoes, I served it with basmati rice and herbed salad mix, you can find the recipe HERE

I'll come back later today to complete the list.

Alright, here's what else I had today:

Afternoon snacks: 1 Banana, 1 jar of olives

Dinner: 2 slices of dark bred with cheese and fresh fruit

Evening snack: whole wheat crackers

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Train dirty, eat clean ...

So since I am training pretty intensely (for my shape and capability that is ...remember, I am still at the beginning and even though I am what most people call "skinny" and built athletic, I am far, far away from being as strong and fit as I'd like to be) I need to eat a healthy diet that goes hand in hand with my training and provides me with the best nutrition possible. Since my goal is not to lose weight but rather build muscle and gain strength, I need to make sure my daily foods contain the energy needed for that. Being a vegetarian makes it a bit more challenging but that's ok. My coach asked me to keep a "food journal" for the next two weeks, so we can learn more about my eating habits. After that, we will work on a food plan.
I've always been eating organic foods as much as possible. Now I'm taking it a step further and working on switching my diet into a "clean diet". It basically means trying to avoid any processed foods, chemical additives or artificial ingredients. So bye bye to ketchup and pre made salad dressings and hello to even more fruits, veggies and grains for me ;)
I'll keep adding clean recipes as I go along, so if you're interested in that type of thing- stay tuned :)

Here I am ...

So here I am starting an online fitness journal to track my goals, work and success on my journey to becoming stronger and hopefully much healthier. I have always liked Sports. Well, certain Sports ... As a young girl I used to be successful in platform diving and even participated in several competitions. Later, in my teenage years, I lost my heart to the horses and practiced horse back riding (English - Dressage and Jumping) on a daily basis until my horse passed away when I was about 20 years old. After that I joined several fitness clubs and Gyms but really never got "into it" that much. I had my first son at age 26 and moved around half the world and back the during the past six years. My second son was born in 2010. My daily work out routine during these first years as a parent was mainly lifting babies, chasing toddlers and taking out Italian greyhound for a jog here and there ;) So now I am 33, both kids attend Kindergarten and school and it's time for this Mommy to "move it" and get back in the best shape possible. I knew it wouldn't make much sense for me to just randomly try to figure out the training equipment in a Gym by myself, and because I am really serious about this, I took my friends advice and hired a personal fitness coach. A couple of weeks into the training and I can already tell you one thing: it was the best decision ever! He is able to create a workout plan that is designed for my individual needs, ability and goals. It goes hand in hand with my diet and really, there is not much I can do wrong with that professional guidance.
So let's get started!!  Can you tell I'm excited?? :D